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About us
P&J International Trading Company was founded in China by Changs International Fzco Company of Dubai. We are a manufacturer and exporter of beverage filling machinery, biscuit production lines, water treatment equipment, and related products. In beverage machinery, we offer bottle blow molding machines and injection molding machines. Our food equipment includes biscuit production lines, candy production lines, and Macaroni Production Line. We also offer plastic processing machinery, including film blowing machines, bag making machines, printing machines, and drinking straw making machines.

At P&J International Trading Company, we have years of experience in providing beverage filling machinery, biscuit production lines, water treatment equipment, etc., so we are in a position to provide the best solutions for water treatment equipment, bottle blow molding machines, etc. Our professional team of designers can devise solutions for customers according their specific needs. For example, we offer two types of stainless steel machinery bodies for our customers, made of 304 or 316 stainless steel. Thus, we can provide customers with only as much as they need, and reduce any waste caused by having excessive equipment. Customers can thus gain efficient use of resources and reduce their cost as well.

We at P&J fully understand the need for not only superior products and economical prices, but also for excellent customer care. Therefore, prior to the sale of our beverage filling machines, biscuit production lines, etc., we first provide customers with a company brochure, model machine to sample, and then consult with the client as to their feedback and exact needs and wants at that time. We provide a one year warranty on our equipment, so you can feel secure in using our candy production line, Macaroni Production Line, etc. Within this period, we provide free technical support and replacement parts of any malfunctioning equipment, and if any damage occurs due to operator error, replacement parts can be ordered by the customer. In addition, our water treatment equipment and bottle blow molding machines come with a toolbox that includes spare, wearing parts, in addition to our price list for any other items you may need. We also offer customized service, such as sending engineers on-site to help with installation, debugging of equipment, or training operators. We also provide OEM service upon request.

International market
P&J International Trading Company is located in Shanghai, the largest port city of China. Here we have access to numerous transportation facilities and a thriving business environment, which are favorable to international trade. Thus, we have established an extensive client base in many countries including Cameroon, Oman, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, Egypt, Algeria, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Mexico, Costa Rica, Ghana, and more. We are interested in expanding our client base and are happy to assist new clients in choosing our products.

Thank you for visiting our website. We at P&J International Trading Company warmly welcome you to contact us and try our water treatment equipment, bottle blow molding machines, and beverage filling machines for yourself. We are confident that you will be satisfied with them, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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